Writings of Dr John Palo



Writings of
Dr John Palo (1919-2002)
Rosicrucian Mystic
1     Introduction
Dr John Palo (February 27, 1919 - December 28, 2002), a native New Yorker, was a chiropractic orthopedist and Rosicrucian mystic for more than half a century. He was a kind and loving man blessed with a great sense of humor. Through group work, personal contacts, and his writings, he made many invaluable contributions to the Rosicrucian movement. He was also a humanitarian, and the executive director of the Alliance for Universal Freedom of Religion.
A gifted and prolific writer, Dr Palo authored numerous articles, poems, and books. Many of his articles appeared in the Rosicrucian Digest in the 1940s-80s.
This site presents some of Dr Palo's writings, to benefit readers who may not have had the opportunity to gain access to them.
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Pray tell me of your bodies past,
But, first, do see what I do ask:
I seek not news of ancestry--
Of bodies in your family tree.
It's WHO YOU ARE I'd like to see--
Not members of your family.
Pray tell me of past bodies donned,
Of robes you've worn since early dawn.
It's you--your SELF--I'd like to see.
Your family tree is least to me.
In many bodies, habit we.
Each body tells me more of Thee
Than present body's history.
It's YOU I'd know--not what I see;
From corpse to corpse we do evolve,
And face the problems we're to solve.
So, seek not this in ancestry;
Our SOUL'S past has another tree.
This body's tree means least to me.
It's your past bodies I would see.
So tell me of your bodies past.
But, first, do see what I do ask.
Dr John Palo

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